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Director Root is a New York based Director/DP and is one of the premier tabletop DP's in the country. His drive to deliver each stunning frame of footage through beautiful composition and movement regardless of live action or tabletop is a through-line that is distinct in his body of work. Starting out as a still photographer and shooting for many top brands, he fell in love with the nuances of tabletop photography and storytelling through images. Root’s career has spanned across many incredible projects as a cinematographer and director. He has worked with Burger King, Carl’s Jr, Cheerio's, Friendly's, Post, Autism Speaks, Pepsi, Soma, Max Factor, Revlon, Met Life, Goya Foods, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Kohls, David Yurman, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Tostito's, Whirlpool, Marc Weldon, Phillip Lim, Hershey's, Walmart, Jimmy Dean, Lactaid, Kellogg's, Hungry Jack, Johnny Walker, Strongbow Cider, Coors Light, and Johnny Appleseed.